2018 Texas Fathers’ Rights Movement Voter Guide (Candidate Questionnaire)

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A voter guide for the 2018 primaries has recently been put together. It consist of asking candidates the following 4 questions:

Question 1: Do you believe that children should be allowed to have equal access to both parents after a divorce or separation, assuming fit parents?

Question 2: Texas Family Code 153.252 specifies that the standard possession order is in the best interest of the child. The Standard Possession order states that non-custodial parents are allowed to visit with their children every other weekends and 2 hours on Thursdays. Texas Family Code 153.252 is the reason the S.P.O. is so prevalent in Texas. Do you agree with 153.252, that, in general, the S.P.O. is in the best interest of the child?

Question 3: Although interfering with court ordered visitation is a felony offense (Texas Penal Code 25.03), open record request to every county in Texas has shown that while the crime is prevalent and often reported, it is rarely prosecuted. Rather parents are told to spend thousands of dollars in civil court to enforce the court order through contempt proceedings. Do you believe that District Attorneys should enforce Texas penal code 25.03, Interference with Custody?

Question 4: Texas is only one of six states that uses a flat percentage model to determine child support (child support amount is based on a percentage of an obligor’s income which corresponds with how many children a obligor has). 40 other states use an Income Shares Model which takes into account BOTH parents income as well as the time each parent spends with their children. Do you think it’s time for Texas to adopt an Income Shares model of child support?

102 candidates responded. The candidates were for District Attorneys, District Judges, State Representative, State Senator and Governor. Many were challengers, some were incumbents. The results were overwhelmingly positive. 

Here is one of the candidates for State Representative:

State Representative District 150 (Harris) James Wilson-REP Q1 Yes-Absolutely.  My preference would be for a child to spend 50% of their time with each parent, or whatever schedule of time makes the most sense for the individual situation of each parent. 
Q2 No-I would prefer for the Standard Possession Order to be modified to an equal 50/50 split of the child’s time between both parents, with neither parent paying child support to the other.
Q3 Yes-Absolutely.  The law should be enforced fairly as it applies to both parents.
Q4 Yes-Absolutely.  The current flat percentage model is based upon archaic presumptions and can be unfair in many 21st century situations. I would support adoption of an Income Shares model of child support. 


The voter guide has been emailed out to the individuals who have submitted their info to Texas TFRM.  Submit your info here to receive a free copy of the voter guide. 


Vote smart people!



Ben Beveridge

TFRM Regional Director

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  1. Coaxum says:

    Tx is also One of the only states where your monthly social security benefit payments are considered a gift, If it is paid directly to the mother and not a part of your child support monthly payment. So you have to pay for money that has already been received.

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